Montana is a self-taught aerial seascape artist who has used this opportunity to think outside the box. She has developed a distinctive and unique technique utilising traditional fine art materials to create something that has never been seen before. Based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, she finds endless inspiration from the ocean and its textures.


Combining her talents of aerial photography and painting, Montana has relentlessly tested and researched a mix of classic art mediums, chemical reactions and layers to create structural depth and intrigue in her work. Using her experience from a successful corporate career, Montana understands that there needs to be a harmony between art and business, which has allowed her to pursue a life goal of being a full-time artist. Exhibiting her work every weekend at Manly Markets, her unmistakable style has captivated collectors from around the world and has established herself as an up-and-coming name. Her work has most recently has been showcased in Vanity Fair, House & Garden, MADS Gallery Milan and included in a TV documentary of Sydney’s Ocean Pools.


Each artwork begins as a photo taken by Montana on a stunning day it is this that makes her artistic process so special and has attracted many collectors to commission a custom piece. This in turn has allowed Montana to advance her abilities to paint to a large scale.


Montana’s hard work, innovation and talent have enabled her to appreciate mother nature even further by cementing what started as a magnificent day, captured in a photo, to be then translated into in her own form of art.