Meet Montana. Originating from South Africa/ Scotland, Montana is an aerial seascape artist based in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, who specialises in bringing her drone photography to life with paint, creativity and passion. Focusing on the crashing of waves and the ocean’s endless shades of blue, Montana’s art finds creative ways to showcase Australia’s stunning scenery and bring it to life in homes around the world.

Montana’s drive comes from a lifetime of challenging herself and bringing creativity to everything she does. Starting her first business at age 16, Montana discovered she not only had a knack for creating beauty but also for spearheading business development which she evolved in her 8 years of working in Project Portfolio Management.


Montana offers something completely unique and custom where she captures images on her drone for customers which can then be edited to the colours of the requirement. Using her more technical skills these images are be super imposed on a customers wall with a frame for them to visualise the composition and colours as well as custom size what she will then paint for them.

Montana has made impressive leaps into establishing herself. These achievements are: 
  • Oct 2020 - She secured a resident weekly stall at the highly sought after spots of Manly Markets (Sydney)
  • Nov 2020 - Martine Art Gallery very quickly took Montana on to represent her and her work in Sydney
  • Dec 2020 - She was approached by producers filming a TV documentary of Sydney’s Ocean Pools, she will be featured in her interview once this is shown on Netflix, Stan and National Geographic mid 2021
  • Jan 2021 - Work was exhibited in Milan and sold out
  • Jan 2021 - Montana made the difficult to decision to pursue her art full time leaving 8 years of working in Project Portfolio Management in financial services (AMP) as Enterprise Portfolio Management Office Lead
  • Jan 2021 - Montana moved into her own studio
  • Mar - May 2021 - Montana's work was featured in Vanity Fair and House and Garden.
  • May 2021 - Montana exhibited in North Curl Curl with the Northern Beaches Artists Collective 


Having always dreamed of doing what she loves, and with the support of her loving other half and Mum, Montana has decided to throw herself into mastering her unique techniques and growing her business. She aims to bring beauty and colour to her paintings and hopes that anyone looking at her paintings knows they’ve been made with the utmost love for life, hard work and drive.

The next year should be an exciting one for Montana. Watch her idea’s grow