Montana Moore is an exceptionally talented artist.

When seeking inspiration for my Balgowlah Real Estate Agency, I knew I wanted a stand out artwork, from a local artist. I asked for recommendations through facebook and was inundated with recommendations. When I clicked a link to Montana’s Instagram page, I immediately knew, she was the one!

Her art spoke to me. The colour, the vibrancy, the talent.

I met with Montana and we discussed a custom piece for my office. What she created was breathtaking.

The piece is the central focus of our busy office and it is a joy to behold every day.

Jaala Cusack - Latham Cusack Property

Montana created such a beautiful artwork for our house. 

This collaborative experience was exciting, stress free and enjoyable. 

Montana instantly understood and interpreted what we wanted in a painting, and created for us a beautiful, unique, and much loved piece of art.

Sydney Beach Homes

Frequently asked questions

It really depends on the size and complexity.

Due to the fact that commissions are so personal, and bespoke I invest considerably more time into a custom piece than an off the shelf artwork.

Once I have received your request I will either:

  1. Provide an immediate quote if its very clear what you're looking for.
  2. For more complex pieces where the process & logistics will require a better understanding, the quote will be included in your options presentation after we have had our initial consultation.

When calculating the quote I will mainly use the size of the artwork with consideration of how complex (or not) the process will be.

Normally 3-6 months from when the contract is signed and deposit is paid. Due to the fact that commissions are so personal, and custom I invest considerably more time into a custom artwork that an off the shelf artwork.

Of course I'm happy to discuss any set dates you have in mind.

I take complete care and pride into every single piece I create. My process requires countless layers to create depth and texture which takes a long time. Not to mention logistics and materials... each canvas is completely custom made, they themselves take up to a month to receive which means I can only start work from then. Don't worry, any time frame I give you will factor that in and of course if you have a set deadline in mind I can consider this too.

The short answer is it's not possible, without lowering the size or quality. Quality is something I take complete pride in, literally every single material is of the highest standard. I would never allow anything to leave my studio that doesn't meet my own standards so it's not something I would ever compromise.

Unfortunately not, even I wanted to replicate a previous artwork it'd never be exactly the same so it may not meet your expectations. I respect all collectors who have invested in me/ my art so it wouldn't be fair to anyone involved for there to be duplicates of the same artwork/ reference. It's not to say I can't take previous pieces you love into consideration.

It's entirely your choice. Ready to buy pieces will constantly change as I evolve as an artist and release new works.

Whether you've missed out on available pieces, I've stopped painting a particular style you love or you just have a specific vision, custom artworks allow you freedom to choose exactly what you want and tailored to your space.

Of course! Again, every artwork is different. The cost of shipping will vary depending on the size, weight and specialist packaging required. Please refer to shipping guidelines for more information.

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